Mitchell Street, a proud Foundational Black American, is a seasoned computer programmer with nearly two decades of experience, currently residing in the scenic Prescott, Arizona, area. His life-long fascination with technology began at the tender age of 11, when he built his first computer, sparking a passion that would shape his future career. As the owner and founder of Brain Wire (, Mitchell leverages his extensive technical expertise to provide curated experiences to makers, DIYers, and engineers.

Over the years, Mitchell has honed his skills and broadened his interests beyond the digital sphere. An enthusiast of both technology and the great outdoors, he indulges in a unique mix of hobbies that include auto repair, welding, cycling, kayaking, and hiking. This blend of interests reflects in his work, where he consistently brings a fresh perspective to the ever-evolving world of technology.

His love for computers and fascination with Artificial Intelligence prompted the creation of his groundbreaking book, aiming to educate and prepare the Foundational Black American community for the imminent AI revolution. Mitchell hopes that his passion and knowledge, as encapsulated in his writing, will inspire others to embrace the exciting future that AI promises.